Washing of baby clothes

Many mothers can be completely despair when they should wash baby clothes and children’s clothes in principle. If the child was again spilled juice and there are already beautiful red spots, which you simply cannot wash, it is very annoying. It is no accident that the first generation of baby clothes was made by cotton or other materials, which are very resistant to washing. Therefore, protect baby’s clothes with a bib. Fortunately, the detergent manufacturers have good means in stock, including beautiful new T-shirts. Prewash and stain sprays may very well help remove stubborn stains.

Washing of baby clothes with print

These T-shirts are often the pride of the child and the parents. Highly effective detergents also act even in relatively cold-water temperatures and in this way; they protect the surface of the beautiful printed T-shirts.

To remove fruit stains

The soap will work best, wash well and then soak overnight in a bowl of warm water. The next morning you can wash it in the washing machine. A paste also can be used but it is not quite as effective. The situation is different with fruit stains from that are already completely dry. The best solution in this case is to use bleach.

First, you should (ideally at the stitching on the inside) to try on a small area of the substance, whether the substance keeps the colour. Wait 15 minutes and then rinsed the bleach powder from and see if the colours still are fresh. If the fabric does not fade, you could use bleach without worrying. Sprinkle and wait 15 to 20 minutes maximum. Then rinse and see if any stain are gone. Then you can wash as usual in the machine.

How to remove sauce stain from kid’s clothes

For fruit sauces on children’s clothing, proceed in the same way as for the spots of fruit juices. For gravies, which usually are much fat, helps a real degreaser. It is the best that you can to do. You can buy it in any drugstore. The clear liquid is sprayed onto the moistened area and acts in the coming hours. The best would be to put clothes in a small bowl with warm water. Then wash as usual in the washing machine.